Developing Community Through Entrepreneurship



Federation of SC-ST Entrepreneur

Federation of SC-ST Entrepreneur (FSSE) is voice of SC ST entrepreneur and a platform for new
generation Dreamers.

Established by visionary Dr. Anilkumar Rohit with goal of creating more and more business persons every year by encouraging, providing training, learning marketing practices, engaging
with govt. policy makers and hand holding for every SC ST  Entrepreneur (also known as Dalit
Entrepreneurs). We aim for upliftment of community
through business.

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Believe in “knowledge is power”

Helping everyone to achieve their Dreams

Our team is dedicated to provide favorable environment for the society so that we can convert to business from jobs. Our team consists of first and second generation businessmen and from different Industries, they have found the hard way to success and inclined for nourishment to  New  Entrepreneur.

Skilled Mentors

We provide skilled and experienced mentors to grow your Business

Government Support

We assist you to provide all possible help and support from Government

Financial Support

We also help in raising funds and financial support from Bank

Hand Holding

We provide all types of support and hand holding till you achieve  Goal

The Connector

This is, by far, the most overlooked “who” in the goal-setting process.


We always believe and helping to business for innovation.

Vijay Rupani
Chief Minister of Gujarat


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